AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-09-10Bump to 0.20.0, the problem with the tests are fixed upstreamAaron Fischer
2018-04-05Add make dependenciesAaron Fischer
2018-04-04Bump to 0.19.0 (fixes the isl mess)Aaron Fischer
2018-03-27Fix the isl chaos, thanks to @sebschraderAaron Fischer
2018-03-08Fixed isl collision with bundled versionFlorian Eitel
2018-03-07Use the buildin isl package and avoid conflicts with the system isl packageAaron Fischer
2018-03-05Add the .SRCINFOAaron Fischer
2018-03-05Remove isl as a dependency and use the bundled versionAaron Fischer
2017-05-04Add strict dependencyAaron Fischer
2017-05-03Bump Version to 0.18.5, change to github, add osl dependencyAaron Fischer
2016-08-12Add armv7h as a valid archAaron Fischer
2016-05-25Change isl dependency to isl15 to fix the compile problemAaron Fischer
2015-07-29Bump version to 0.18.4Aaron Fischer
2015-03-03Fix the multithreaded compiling on cloogAaron Mueller
2015-02-06Restrict compilation jobs on one job at a time (race condition)Aaron Fischer
2015-02-05Remove some old filesAaron Fischer
2015-02-05See Fischer
2015-01-13disable cloog tests for now ...Aaron Mueller
2014-12-29Adopt cloogAaron Mueller