AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-04-20feat(update): version bump to 0.29.5Thiago Almeida
2023-04-13feat(update): version bump to 0.29.3Thiago Almeida
2023-04-07feat: cloud-nuke-bin: update to 0.29.1-1Thiago Almeida
2023-03-14feat: Version bumpThiago Almeida
2023-02-06feat: Version bump to 0.25.0Thiago Almeida
2023-01-23feat: Version bumpThiago Almeida
2022-10-31feat: Version bump to 0.21.0Thiago Almeida
2022-09-29feat: Version bump to 0.19.1Thiago Almeida
2022-08-24feat: Version bump with 0.19.0Thiago Almeida
2022-07-28feat: Version bump to 0.16.2Thiago Almeida
2022-07-19feat: Version bump to 0.15.0Thiago Almeida
2022-07-19feat: Version bump to 0.14.0Thiago Almeida
2022-07-16feat: Version bump to 0.12.3Thiago Almeida
2022-07-07feat: Version bump to 0.12.2 and added support for aarch64Thiago Almeida
2022-07-07feat: Version bump to 0.12.1Thiago Almeida
2022-06-09feat: Version bump to 0.11.8Thiago Almeida
2022-06-07Version bump to 0.11.7Thiago Almeida
2022-05-23feat: version bump 0.11.6Thiago Almeida
2022-03-18chore: version bump to 0.11.3Thiago Almeida
2022-03-12chore: version bump to 0.11.0Thiago Almeida
2022-02-01Version bump to 0.10.0Thiago Almeida
2022-01-24Version bump to 0.9.1Thiago Almeida
2021-11-17Improve update scriptThiago Almeida
2021-11-17Version bump to v0.7.1Thiago Almeida
2021-11-12Bump version to v0.6.0Thiago Almeida
2021-11-10Version bump to 0.5.2Thiago Almeida
2021-10-09Version bump to 0.5.1Thiago Almeida
2021-08-25Version bump to 0.5.0Thiago Almeida
2021-07-01Version bump to 0.3.0Thiago Almeida
2021-06-28Version bump to 0.2.0Thiago Almeida
2021-05-03Version bump 0.1.30Thiago Almeida
2021-04-15Version bump 0.1.29Thiago Almeida
2021-04-08Version bump to 0.1.28Thiago Almeida
2021-04-08Version bump to 0.1.28Thiago Almeida
2021-03-12Initial commitThiago Almeida