AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-10-25Update to 2023.10.120Noah Kennedy
2023-10-04Update to 2023.9.301unlogicalcode
2023-07-28Fix sourceinfo for 2023.7.40unlogicalcode
2023-07-28Update to 2023.7.40, fix gitignore for all downloaded files, fix wording in c...unlogicalcode
2023-06-15Sync SRCINFO and changelogLeon Mergen
2023-06-15Sync version, switch verification to sha256Leon Mergen
2023-05-18Fix typoLeon Mergen
2023-04-08Release 2023.3.398Leon Mergen
2023-03-27Update to latest versionLeon Mergen
2023-01-19Update 2023.1.133-1Leon Mergen
2023-01-11Update 2022.12.542-1Leon Mergen
2022-11-23Update warp package to 2022.10.116Marcin Gordziejewski
2022-10-25Update srcinfoLeon Mergen
2022-10-25Mark new package versionLeon Mergen
2022-10-25Package all /usr assetsLeon Mergen
2022-10-13Sync .SRCINFOMarcin Gordziejewski
2022-10-13Upgrade cloudflare-warp-bin to 2022.9.591 as cloudflare removed previous 2022...Marcin Gordziejewski
2022-10-08Sync src infoLeon Mergen
2022-10-08Mark new releaseLeon Mergen
2022-10-08Also document for upgrade notesLeon Mergen
2022-10-08Document taskbar serviceLeon Mergen
2022-10-07Sync SRCINFOLeon Mergen
2022-10-07Upgrade package releaseLeon Mergen
2022-10-07Add warp-taskbar per suggestion of @nicarimLeon Mergen
2022-09-28Update to 2022.8.936Leon Mergen
2022-08-03Update to 2022.7.272Leon Mergen
2022-07-24Update to latest release, yank PGP checkLeon Mergen
2022-04-22Release 2022.4.235-1Leon Mergen
2022-04-02Update changelogLeon Mergen
2022-04-02Release 2022.3.253Leon Mergen
2022-03-03Update SRCINFOLeon Mergen
2022-03-03Sync changelogLeon Mergen
2022-03-03Update PKGBUILD to version 2022.2.288-1Leon Mergen
2022-03-03Dynamically fetch the correct package versionLeon Mergen
2022-02-13We now validate PGP hashes using Cloudflare's keys.Leon Mergen
2022-02-13Per AUR policy, $srcdir etc should always be quotedLeon Mergen
2022-02-13Improve upgrade notesLeon Mergen
2022-02-13Update to 2022.2.29Leon Mergen
2021-12-15Patch systemd unit around packaging, when we actually move the filesLeon Mergen
2021-12-15Small style changeLeon Mergen
2021-12-15Per feedback, update capabilities of warp-svcLeon Mergen
2021-12-15Update paths in systemd unitLeon Mergen
2021-12-15Update to latest version 2021.12.0Leon Mergen
2021-12-13Update hashes as Cloudflare have cycled their signing keys upstreamLeon Mergen
2021-11-30Per feedback, don't rely on msg2 / errorLeon Mergen
2021-11-08Mark versionLeon Mergen
2021-11-08Fix some directories / newlinesLeon Mergen
2021-11-08Sync SRCINFOLeon Mergen
2021-11-08Add gitignoreLeon Mergen
2021-11-08Some improvements / fixesLeon Mergen