AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-11-29Update to 4.048dNick Lozon
2023-11-05Update to 4.048cNick Lozon
2023-10-30Update to 4.048bNick Lozon
2023-10-23Update to 4.047bNick Lozon
2023-09-26Update to 4.047aNick Lozon
2022-12-204.047Nick Lozon
2022-08-18Update to 4.046bNick Lozon
2022-08-16Update to 4.046aNick Lozon
2022-08-15Update to 4.046Nick Lozon
2022-06-06Update to 4.045Nick Lozon
2022-06-01Update to 4.044dNick Lozon
2022-03-30Update to 4.044cNick Lozon
2022-03-03bump pkgrel in srcinfoNick Lozon
2022-03-03bump pkgrelNick Lozon
2022-03-03Fix checksum - upstream zip changedNick Lozon
2022-02-25Update to 4.044bNick Lozon
2022-02-22Update to 4.044aNick Lozon
2021-11-29Update to 4.044Nick Lozon
2021-10-08Update to 4.043Nick Lozon
2021-09-14Update to 4.042Nick Lozon
2021-07-23Update to 4.041Nick Lozon
2021-01-04Update to 4.040Nick Lozon
2020-12-25Update to 4.039 for .SRCINFONick Lozon
2020-12-25Update to 4.039aNick Lozon
2020-06-15Update to 4.037franck.stauffer
2019-12-15Updated CLRMP version and added gitignoreWhovian9369
2019-12-13Updated CLRMP versionWhovian9369
2019-09-05Change `pkgrel` to 1 for future updates so I don't forgetWhovian9369
2019-09-05Finally pushing PKGBUILD changesWhovian9369
2019-06-28Fix package build issue due to forgetting to change desktop file hash in PKGB...Whovian9369
2019-06-28Put the entry into the "Applications > Games" section instead of "Application...Whovian9369
2019-06-10Almost forgot to update SRCINFOWhovian9369
2019-01-03Added some pre-requisites to the PKGBUILD and an sh header to the used shell ...Whovian9369
2018-08-22Updated to 4.035Whovian9369
2018-07-30Updated to latest version of clrmameproWhovian9369
2016-08-11Update to 4.030.a-1mock
2016-06-22Update to 4.029.b-1mock
2016-05-11Update to 4.029.a-2mock
2016-05-11Update to 4.029.a-1mock
2016-04-12Update to 4.029-1mock
2016-02-27Update to 4.028-1mock
2016-02-03Update to 4.027-1mock
2015-10-27Update to 4.026-1.mock
2015-10-16Update to 4.025-1mock
2015-09-25Update to 4.024-1mock
2015-09-19Update to 4.023-1mock
2015-08-30Update to 4.022-1mock
2015-08-09Update to 4.021amock