AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-12-01Update to 1.9.2Hyacinthe Cartiaux
2023-02-18Update to 1.9.1Hyacinthe Cartiaux
2022-12-09Update to 1.9Hyacinthe Cartiaux
2022-03-10Update to 1.8.4Hyacinthe Cartiaux
2020-01-06Update to 1.8.3Hyacinthe Cartiaux
2019-05-16Pkgrel bump - update the dependency to python2->3Hyacinthe Cartiaux
2018-11-27Update to 1.8.1Hyacinthe Cartiaux
2018-02-26New license (CeCill -> LGPL)Hyacinthe Cartiaux
2018-02-26Cosmetic change: new co-maintainerHyacinthe Cartiaux
2018-02-26Updated with version 1.8Hyacinthe Cartiaux
2016-03-01clustershell: update .SRCINFO with 1.7.1 versionAurelien Cedeyn
2016-03-01clustershell: updated with version 1.7.1Aurelien Cedeyn
2015-11-19clustershell: Initial import of v1.7Aurelien Cedeyn