AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-12-28bumps to 2.4.9 + updates license + updates upstreamjuantascon
2018-09-03bumped to install in cmake 3.12juantascon
2018-05-10fixes so it works with cmake 3.11juantascon
2017-11-28fixes to work with cmake 3.10juantascon
2017-11-20bumps to 2.4.6juantascon
2017-09-08bump to 2.4.5juantascon
2017-07-24bumped to 2.4.3juantascon
2017-03-21moved to cmake-3.7juantascon
2017-03-21bumping to v2.4.2juantascon
2017-01-02bumping to v2.4.1juantascon
2016-04-06installing on cmake-3.5 dirJuan Tascon
2016-04-06bump versionJuan Tascon
2015-11-05updated to 2.2.0Juan Tascon
2015-10-16fixed for cmake 3.3Juan Tascon
2015-06-30updated to 2.0.0Juan Tascon
2015-06-17initial releaseJuan Tascon