AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-09-19fixed makedependsbinex-dsk
2020-09-19fixed aGainbinex-dsk
2020-09-19little syntax error thingbinex-dsk
2020-09-19properly installs to the pkgdirbinex-dsk
2020-07-24executes the install script nowbinex-dsk
2020-07-14screw it, grabbing from upstream url nowbinex-dsk
2020-07-14screw it, just grabs from the url nowbinex-dsk
2020-07-14apparently it works with makepkg but not yaybinex-dsk
2020-07-14nvm, this should fix itbinex-dsk
2020-07-14versioning was kinda glitchy, fixed itbinex-dsk
2020-07-06first push, thingy idkspergmoment