AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-03-14Version 2023-03-14Daniel Mirkin
2022-12-13v.2022-11-30Daniel Mirkin
2022-05-292202.05.01 version, new icons and improvementsDaniel Mirkin
2022-03-13Fixed some issues, updated code for VPN connectionsDaniel Mirkin
2022-02-21Added qt5-tools as makedependsDaniel Mirkin
2022-01-28My first cmst updateDaniel Mirkin
2021-05-08Dropped from reposAntonio Rojas
2018-01-06January 2018 releaseAndrew Bibb
2017-09-19September 2017 releaseAndrew Bibb
2017-09-19September 2017 releaseAndrew Bibb
2017-03-18March 2017 releaseAndrew Bibb
2016-10-03October release with text typos fixedAndrew Bibb
2016-10-02October 2016 releaseAndrew Bibb
2016-04-03Release 2016.04.03Andrew Bibb
2016-01-28fixed packaging at the GitHub endAndrew Bibb
2016-01-25Release 2016.01.26 - VPN supportAndrew Bibb
2015-12-022015.12.03 releaseAndrew Bibb
2015-10-02October release 2015.10.03Andrew Bibb
2015-06-28Initial ImportAndrew Bibb