AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-01-11update pkgrel to 2Kamran Mackey
2022-01-11Remove OSS plugin optdepend.Kamran Mackey
2022-01-10Updated to latest master; fixed broken git cloning.Kamran Mackey
2020-06-02Actually, swap back over to the official repository.Kamran Mackey
2020-06-02Swapped over to my personal mirror of cmus.Kamran Mackey
2020-06-01Added installation of bash autocompletion.Kamran Mackey
2020-06-01Updated all dependencies (optional, required, and make).Kamran Mackey
2020-06-01Updated a couple optional dependency descriptions.Kamran Mackey
2020-06-01Updated to latest cmus git revision.Kamran Mackey
2019-01-29updated version: v2.8.0.r0.g65d36d5Austin Haedicke
2018-11-04(no commit message)Austin Haedicke
2018-11-04updated version: v2.8.0-rc0-92-ge7682e4Austin Haedicke
2018-04-21updated .SRCINFOAustin Haedicke
2018-04-21updated dependenciesAustin Haedicke
2017-10-07added git to makedependsAustin Haedicke
2017-08-20updated pkgbuild git repoAustin Haedicke
2015-07-16updated contact infograndtheftjiujitsu
2015-07-09Initial Importgrandtheftjiujitsu