AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-11-27autu: Update to 3.70-2Chris Severance
2019-02-18autu: Update to 3.70-1Chris Severance
2018-11-05autu: Update to 3.60-1 Fix build for paths with spacesChris Severance
2018-09-04autu: Update to 3.60-1 Improve make scripts from specChris Severance
2018-08-29autu: Update to 3.60-1Chris Severance
2018-04-18Update to 3.50Chris Severance
2017-07-30update to latest version, also added new opt depend jpeg6-turboLW-archlinux
2017-04-30updated to v3.31LW-archlinux
2016-08-09version 3.60LW-archlinux
2016-01-07update to v3.10 - 2nd tryLW-archlinux
2016-01-07update to v3.10LW-archlinux
2015-06-24update to 3.00-1LW-archlinux
2015-06-09Initial importLW-archlinux