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2021-09-08Updated conflicts with cni-plugins + new noteGeorgeRaven
Added a note to let people know that while the binaries are in the standard location, AND they are in the old location it may still be necessary to point kubelet to the correct directory by modifying the kubelet.env file usually located in /etc/kubernetes/kubelet.env if it does not exist the user should create it with the one line specified in comments.
2021-09-08Updated to latest release 1.0.1GeorgeRaven
I have bumped up to the latest release, updated all the SHA256sums and verified that the pkg builds on amd64 and will soon do further tests for arm64 and arm to confirm it is working on other platforms.
2021-05-31Added alternate install locationGeorgeRaven
The default kubelet package references /usr/lib/cni so added a second set of bins at this location. Could in future symlink if this works properly which I will test next.
2021-05-31Updated pkgdescGeorgeRaven
This package does not package further plugins so removing the plugins reference in description.
2021-05-31Fixed provide version and unused varGeorgeRaven
Provide version was not being properly substituted due to single quotes instead of doublequotes. Removed remnant of unused var in PKGBUILD
2021-05-31Initial commit adding PKGBUILD and .SRCINFOGeorgeRaven
This commit adds cni-bin PKGBUILD getting the relevant binaries directly from the relevant github release. In particular this package is focused on supporting multiple architectures since the existing packages dont have this, and the easiest way to do this is with a binary package.