AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
4 daysremove docker tooFlorent Thiéry
4 daysfix v198Florent Thiéry
5 daysupdate to v198Florent Thiéry
2019-05-10bump to v193Florent Thiéry
2019-05-10fix build error by copying cockpit-pam from another folderFlorent Thiéry
2019-03-15update to v189Florent Thiéry
2019-02-18add pam config sampleFlorent Thiéry
2019-02-11update to v187Florent Thiéry
2018-12-21update to v184Florent Thiéry
2018-12-07bump to v183 and remove more features to better reflect the package nameFlorent Thiéry
2018-10-08update to v179Florent Thiéry
2018-09-07update to v177Florent Thiéry
2018-06-20update to v170, retain packagekitFlorent Thiéry
2018-03-21bump to v163Florent Thiéry
2018-02-23ignore non existing folders in debug filesFlorent Thiéry
2018-02-23remove unused debug filesFlorent Thiéry
2018-02-23bump to v162Florent Thiéry
2017-11-17update to v156Florent Thiéry
2017-09-13initial commitFlorent Thiéry
2017-09-13initial commitFlorent Thiéry