AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-06-23Update to 3.17.2Shatur95
2019-01-09Update to 3.17.1Gennadiy Chernyshyk
2018-07-22Update to 3.17Gennadiy Chernyshyk
2017-12-22Fixed SRCINFOWilson E. Alvarez
2017-12-22cocos2d-x V3.16Wilson E. Alvarez
2017-08-01Updated .SRCINFOWilson E. Alvarez
2017-08-01Disabled running Might be needed on future releasesWilson E. Alvarez
2017-06-18Added NDK v15 patchWilson E. Alvarez
2017-06-02Updated .SRCINFOWilson E. Alvarez
2017-05-31cocos2d-x V3.15.1Wilson E. Alvarez
2017-05-28Added fix for github issue: E. Alvarez
2017-04-21File timestamps must be updated. Otherwise the build system will keep compili...Wilson E. Alvarez
2017-04-21cocos2d-x V3.15Wilson E. Alvarez
2017-01-20cocos2d-x V3.14.1Wilson E. Alvarez
2017-01-13Patch non-bug crash on cpp-testsWilson E. Alvarez
2017-01-11Added experimental feature. Disabled by defaultWilson E. Alvarez
2017-01-09Updated CCPhysicsBody.cpp patchWilson E. Alvarez
2017-01-09Added missing folderWilson E. Alvarez
2017-01-09Added missing symbolic linksWilson E. Alvarez
2017-01-04cocos2d-x V3.14Wilson E. Alvarez
2016-09-19Patched CCFastTMXLayer.cpp and SkeletonRenderer.cppWilson E. Alvarez
2016-09-17cocos2d-x V3.13.1Wilson E. Alvarez
2016-09-10Added CCTMXLayer.cpp patchWilson E. Alvarez
2016-09-03cocos2d-x V3.13Wilson E. Alvarez
2016-07-16cocos2d-x V3.12Wilson E. Alvarez
2016-07-05cocos2d-x V3.11.1Wilson E. Alvarez
2016-05-14Fixed README sha1 hashWilson E. Alvarez
2016-05-13cocos2d-x v3.11 - Added DasFranck's python path fix.Wilson E. Alvarez
2016-05-13cocos2d-x V3.11Wilson E. Alvarez
2016-03-20Full std::isnan patch -- cocos2d-x V3.10Wilson E. Alvarez
2016-03-08Added std::isnan patchWilson E. Alvarez
2016-01-24cocos2d-x V3.10Wilson E. Alvarez
2015-11-23cocos2d-x V3.9Wilson E. Alvarez
2015-09-23cocos2d-x V3.8.1Samuel FORGIONE
2015-09-09cocos2d-x V3.8Samuel FORGIONE
2015-09-05cocos2d-x V3.7.1Samuel FORGIONE
2015-07-27cocos2d-x V3.7Samuel FORGIONE
2015-07-09Correct a typo in PKGBUILD (nano linejump)Samuel FORGIONE
2015-07-07Make python2 true dependencySamuel FORGIONE
2015-07-07Initial importSamuel FORGIONE