AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-06-03Update submodulesUffe Jakobsen
2024-06-03update submodulesUffe Jakobsen
2024-06-03(no commit message)Uffe Jakobsen
2024-03-08Update to version 17.9.0 (monthly/unstable)Uffe Jakobsen
2023-10-11Update/improve PKGBUILDUffe Jakobsen
2023-10-10(no commit message)Uffe Jakobsen
2023-10-10Update to version 17.7.0 (monthly/unstable)Uffe Jakobsen
2023-08-22Update to version 17.6.0Uffe Jakobsen
2023-08-18Clean upUffe Jakobsen
2023-08-17Clean upUffe Jakobsen
2023-07-24Update optional patchUffe Jakobsen
2023-07-24Forgot file...Uffe Jakobsen
2023-07-24Clean upUffe Jakobsen
2023-07-24Update to 17.4.0 (unstable)Uffe Jakobsen
2023-06-06Update to version 17.3.0 (unstable/monthly)Uffe Jakobsen
2023-03-20Clean upUffe Jakobsen
2023-03-20Add more optdependsUffe Jakobsen
2023-03-20Apply DebugAdapterClient CMakeLists cxx17 patch to make package buildUffe Jakobsen
2023-03-20Clean upUffe Jakobsen
2023-03-17forgot .SRCINFOUffe Jakobsen
2023-03-17Update to version 17.2.0 (unstable)Uffe Jakobsen
2023-02-11Update to version 17.1.0 (unstable)Uffe Jakobsen
2023-01-23codelite submodule project has changes repo name from dbgd to wxdapUffe Jakobsen
2023-01-12Update to version 17.0.0 (unstable)Uffe Jakobsen
2022-12-12Update to version 16.7.0 (unstable)Uffe Jakobsen
2022-12-09Flip nativebook optionUffe Jakobsen
2022-12-07Add WITH_NATIVEBOOK optionUffe Jakobsen
2022-12-05Clean up - prepare for ninja build (still disabled)Uffe Jakobsen
2022-12-05Clean up - prepare for ninja build (still disabled)Uffe Jakobsen
2022-11-11Improved FSW symlink patch - better support for openeing symlinked filesUffe Jakobsen
2022-11-09prepare patch for codelite symlink workaroundUffe Jakobsen
2022-10-21Update to version 16.5.0Uffe Jakobsen
2022-09-18Update to version 16.4.0Uffe Jakobsen
2022-08-02Change pkg descriptionUffe Jakobsen
2022-08-02Change pkg descriptionUffe Jakobsen
2022-07-23Update to version 16.2.0Uffe Jakobsen
2022-06-10temporary disable wxcrafter buildUffe Jakobsen
2022-06-07Added cmake patch for rpath to work for wxgtk locationUffe Jakobsen
2022-06-03Update to version 16.1.0-1Uffe Jakobsen
2022-04-19Update to version 16.0.0-1Uffe Jakobsen
2022-03-11Update to 15.0.11-unstableUffe Jakobsen
2022-02-12Forgot .SRCinfoUffe Jakobsen
2022-02-12Update to 15.0.10-unstableUffe Jakobsen
2022-02-12universal-ctags symlinkUffe Jakobsen
2022-01-15Fix typosUffe Jakobsen
2022-01-15Update to 15.0.9-unstableUffe Jakobsen
2021-11-28Update to 15.0.8-unstableUffe Jakobsen
2021-11-02Update to 15.0.7-unstableUffe Jakobsen
2021-09-09Apply local patch until fixed upstreamUffe Jakobsen
2021-08-02Update to 15.0.6-unstableUffe Jakobsen