AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-09-15actually, we can keep the old version schemeYardena Cohen
2020-09-15fix versionYardena Cohen
2020-09-15move to coin-gitYardena Cohen
2020-04-10builds againYardena Cohen
2018-09-21Fix dependencies, build outside of the sources directory.Michal Ulianko
2018-07-01Be specific about which branch to checkout.Michal Ulianko
2018-06-26Remove the add cpack.d source.Michal Ulianko
2018-06-26Add missing cpack.d repoMichal Ulianko
2018-06-03Update pkgverMichal Ulianko
2018-06-03Use default branchMichal Ulianko
2018-03-10Initial commitMichal Ulianko