AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-11-29upstream v21.11.0.3-1 (big release!)Yves G
2021-10-05upstream v6.4.11-3Yves G
2021-05-23upstream v6.4.8Yves G
2020-12-14upstream v6.4.2Yves G
2020-11-08upstream v6.4.0Yves G
2020-04-18upstream v4.2.2-2 (added i18n packages)Yves G
2019-12-29advice from genofire on aur + additional fixesY
2019-12-29upstream v4.2.0-2 (X11 desktop entries removed)Y
2019-08-08upstream v4.0.5-2Y
2019-05-11upstream v4.0.4-3Y
2019-03-09upstream v4.0.1-1Y
2018-12-20upstream v4.0.0-2Y
2018-08-19upstream v3.3.1-3 (/usr/bin/loolmount removed)Y
2018-07-07upstream v3.3.1-2Y
2018-05-12upstream v3.2.2-1 + documentationY
2018-03-18upstream v3.1.0-4Y
2018-02-13upstream v3.0.0-8Yves G
2018-01-28upstream v3.0.0-6Y
2017-12-31upstream v3.0.0Y
2017-12-02I cannot keep-up with upstream releases; just get whatever is the current ups...Y
2017-11-21upstream v2.1.5Yves G
2017-11-11upstream poco does not provide .so.48 libs any moreY
2017-11-11upstream poco does not provide .so.48 libs any moreY
2017-10-13initYves G