AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-26Revert "${srcdir} missing on man page path"bartus
2021-05-26Pop versionbartus
2021-05-26${srcdir} missing on man page pathLauri Hakko
2021-03-16Pop versionbartus
2021-03-16Drop underscore from conf env varsbartus
2021-03-16Pin libcudart.sobartus
2021-03-16Drop nvm-export.patchbartus
2020-10-10Revert eigen fixbartus
2020-10-09Fix eigenbartus
2020-07-31Pop version, fix nvm-export.patch.bartus
2020-06-24Drop upstream applied patch.bartus
2020-06-18Drop mkdir form prepare()bartus
2020-06-17Fix ninja flagsbartus
2020-06-17Drop gcc9 fixbartus
2020-06-17Refactor: user var starts with underscorebartus
2020-06-17Add _CUDA_ARCH env variablebartus
2020-06-17Fix description.bartus
2020-06-17Add .shellcheckrcbartus
2020-06-02Allow _BUILD_CUDA to be passed with envbartus
2020-06-02Missing glibc header in libs/PoissonReconbartus
2019-12-19Add cgal, move ceres-solver to depends, update checksums, drop install.bartus
2019-06-22fix gcc9bartus
2019-06-22update versionbartus
2019-06-22Revert "gcc9 fix"bartus
2019-06-20gcc9 fixbartus
2019-03-14pop versionbartus
2018-08-20update vocabulary trees urlbartus
2018-08-10remove obsolete patchbartus
2018-07-25update .SRCINFObartus
2018-07-25fix sse_sum build errorbartus
2018-07-19remove freeimage fixbartus
2018-06-12fix freeimage omiting dependenciesbartus
2018-05-25relax deps to allow other cuda versionbartus
2018-05-21fix gcc5 flags for nvccbartus
2018-04-04remove gcc5 fix as cuda uses gcc6 now, remove -fPIC flag as it was included u...bartus
2018-04-04add _BUILD_CUDA control variable, remove redundant .desktop filebartus
2018-01-23single binary versionbartus
2018-01-13switch to branch master, untils directory issue get resolvedbartus
2017-08-10refactor fragment definitionbartus
2017-08-09rollback to prev verisonbartus
2017-08-07switch to dev branch for eigen 3.3 compatibilitybartus
2017-07-24fix -fno-plt flag not supported by gcc5, cuda host compilerbartus
2017-07-23fix mising -fPIC in nvccbartus
2017-06-28update vocab urlsbartus
2017-06-28gcc7 fixbartus
2017-04-20update vocabulary tree download pathsbartus
2017-04-03fix nvm export image path missingbartus
2017-03-28remove cubin, as it isn't support compilation for multiple tragetsbartus