AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-12-17Release 3.12Xuanrui Qi
2022-11-02Release 3.11Xuanrui Qi
2021-12-01Release 3.10Xuanrui Qi
2021-06-27Release 3.9Xuanrui Qi
2020-12-11Release 3.8Xuanrui Qi
2020-05-09New version v3.7Xuanrui Qi
2019-09-18Fix conflictXuanrui Qi
2019-09-18Release 3.6Xuanrui Qi
2019-06-06Bump pkgrelXuanrui Qi
2019-06-06Ignore Coq version due to outdated version requirementsXuanrui Qi
2019-05-28Added testsXuanrui Qi
2019-04-27Forgot to change .SRCINFOXuanrui Qi
2019-04-27Fix small bugsXuanrui Qi
2019-04-27Initial commitXuanrui Qi