AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
4 daysadd new upstream patchesxiota
2024-03-24bump for rebuildxiota
2024-02-06prune contributor listxiota
2023-07-04Build with C++17xiota
2023-05-15minor cleanupxiota
2022-08-22Delete gcc10_common_fix.patch and remove-unused-or-broken-buttons.patchrobson-66
2020-10-23Apply muktupavels' fix for building against metacity 3.38Charles Bos
2020-08-15Update gcc10_common_fix.patch to the official patch from upstreamCharles Bos
2020-05-17Patch a build issue introduced by gcc 10Charles Bos
2019-11-30Updated to Bos
2019-11-17Add ccsm-escape-fix.patch - thanks rharishCharles Bos
2019-02-20Add fix for #1816629Charles Bos
2019-02-17Incorporate decor command sed line into the config patch, use a single instal...Charles Bos
2019-02-16Patch cmake file to stop glib-compile-schemas from being called during make i...Charles Bos
2019-02-16Add missed makedep cythonCharles Bos
2019-02-16Update to Bos
2019-02-03Cleanup dependencies list as per namcap, add a comment in prepare, install li...Charles Bos
2018-03-14Revert "Update to pre-release tarball r4138"Charles Bos
2017-12-18Update to pre-release tarball r4138Charles Bos
2017-12-10Update srcinfoCharles Bos
2017-12-10Fix compiz version numberCharles Bos
2017-05-27add patch to ensure that application is launched for screenshot pluginCharles Bos
2017-05-26bump pkgrel (trigger rebuild)Charles Bos
2016-11-15update to Bos
2016-10-15metacity 3.22 support. don't revert r3981 wholesale; only reverse the plugin ...Charles Bos
2016-08-25conflict with all the Compiz 0.8 components besides emerald and fusion-iconCharles Bos
2016-08-23make this package provide the individual Compiz componentsCharles Bos
2016-08-16fix patch ordering - revert 3981 firstCharles Bos
2016-08-14reverse upstream application of Ubuntu specific patchesCharles Bos
2016-08-12add fix for incorrect expo offset - thanks korrodeCharles Bos
2016-07-01switch source to release tarballCharles Bos
2016-07-01update to tarball for r4063 (Compiz Bos
2016-05-09remove install fileCharles Bos
2016-05-08add fix for ambiguous function call in trailfocusCharles Bos
2016-04-09add upstream changes for using marco's theme settings - thanks to korrode for...Charles Bos
2015-11-03re-add ccp to default plugins. ccp is reportedly not always auto-addedCharles Bos
2015-11-01also enable animation and wall by default for new installsCharles Bos
2015-11-01add upstream patch for off-center cube cap pics. do not change python build d...Charles Bos
2015-10-15add upstream patch to suppress cmake3 policy messagesCharles Bos
2015-10-15remove 'release version' from description. this goes without saying. replace ...Charles Bos
2015-09-15disabled dbus plugin as it causes instant crashes. use instead of compiz.Charles Bos
2015-09-14add fix for double fading xfce4-notifyd notifications. add fix for blank back...Charles Bos
2015-09-14re-add exec command. remove unused cmake vars. remove replaces line - compiz-...Charles Bos
2015-09-05remove gwd patch. comsmetic pkgbuild fixesCharles Bos
2015-08-24updated to Bos
2015-06-15add upstream fix for getting correct gtk frame extentsCharles Bos