AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-12-24Updated to 1.2.0mirh
2019-12-18Update to 1.1.6mirh
2019-10-20Update to 1.1.5mirh
2019-08-14Updated to 1.1.4mirh
2018-12-15add required dependenciesEnihcam
2018-10-10update 1.0.1 in aur dbEnihcam
2018-10-05Updated to 1.0.1, switched to online sourcemirh
2018-08-24Updated to 1.0.0mirh
2018-07-02Updated to 0.9.0mirh
2018-05-21Updated to 0.8.0 + typo fixmirh
2018-04-14Fix for new folder namemirh
2018-04-14Updated to 0.7.0mirh
2018-03-09Updated to 0.6.1mirh
2018-02-16Updated to 0.6.0mirh
2018-01-30Updated to 0.5.1, new maintainermirh
2017-11-24Bump to 0.4.0Olaf Leidinger
2017-10-04v3.2Olaf Leidinger
2017-09-22New version, updated URIOlaf Leidinger
2017-08-08Update to v0.3Olaf Leidinger
2017-08-02Switch to Ubuntu package due to linker errorOlaf Leidinger
2017-07-27Initial versionOlaf Leidinger