AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-02-07PKGBUILD: Update to 7.9.1Shohei Maruyama
2023-01-06PKGBUILD: Fix license related package errorsShohei Maruyama
2022-12-04PKGBUILD: Update to 7.8.0Shohei Maruyama
2022-10-14PKGBUILD: Update to 7.8.3Shohei Maruyama
2022-07-18PKGBUILD: Update to 7.8.2Shohei Maruyama
2022-06-15PKGBUILD: Update to 7.8.1Shohei Maruyama
2022-06-07PKGBUILD: Update to 7.8.0Shohei Maruyama
2022-04-20PKGBUILD: Add missing 'go' to makedependsShohei Maruyama
2022-04-18PKGBUILD: Build binaries with RELROShohei Maruyama
2022-04-18PKGBUILD: Remove go-pieShohei Maruyama
2022-03-29PKGBUILD: Update to 7.7.1Shohei Maruyama
2022-03-10PKGBUILD: Update to 7.7.0Shohei Maruyama
2021-10-29concourse: Update to 7.6.0Shohei Maruyama
2021-09-17concourse: Update to 7.5.0Shohei Maruyama
2021-07-30concourse: Update to 7.4.0Shohei Maruyama
2021-06-16concourse: Update to 7.3.2Shohei Maruyama
2021-05-31concourse: Update to 7.3.1Shohei Maruyama
2021-04-15concourse: Update to 7.2.0Shohei Maruyama
2021-03-23concourse: Replace packr with go buildShohei Maruyama
2021-03-23concourse: Update to 7.1.0Shohei Maruyama
2021-02-24concourse: Update to 7.0.0Shohei Maruyama
2021-02-16concourse: Update to 6.7.5Shohei Maruyama
2021-02-16concourse: Add concourse-resource-types packageShohei Maruyama
2021-02-16concourse: Add postgresql as optional packageShohei Maruyama
2021-01-28concourse: Update to 6.7.4Shohei Maruyama
2020-04-29Update to 5.5.11Dimitris Kiziridis
2020-04-24move to go-pieDimitris Kiziridis
2020-04-04sanitize pkgbuildDimitris Kiziridis
2020-04-04sanitize pkgbuildDimitris Kiziridis
2020-04-02Update to 6.0.0Dimitris Kiziridis
2020-04-02Update to 6.0.0Dimitris Kiziridis
2017-09-29concourse v3.5.0Bram Swenson
2017-09-06Version v3.4.1Bram Swenson
2017-07-04concourse v3.3.1Bram Swenson
2017-06-16concourse v3.2.1Bram Swenson
2017-06-02concourse v3.1.1Bram Swenson
2017-05-30v3.0.1-2 - fix depends listBram Swenson
2017-05-29concourse v3.0.1Bram Swenson
2017-04-14v2.7.3Bram Swenson
2017-03-08concourse v2.7.0Bram Swenson