AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-02-15 Upgrade to Confluent 7.6.0Dabz
2023-09-01Upgrade to Confluent 7.5.0Damien Gasparina
2023-07-20Upgrade to Confluent 7.4.1Damien Gasparina
2023-07-19Upgrade to Confluent 7.4.0Damien Gasparina
2022-11-10Upgrade to Confluent 7.3.0Damien Gasparina
2022-07-26Upgrade to Confluent 7.2.1Damien Gasparina
2022-07-08Upgrade to Confluent 7.2.0Damien Gasparina
2022-04-10Upgrade to Confluent 7.1.0Damien Gasparina
2022-01-26Upgrade to Confluent 7.0.1Damien Gasparina
2021-11-04Upgrade to Confluent 7.0.0Damien Gasparina
2021-06-09Upgrade to Confluent 6.2.0Damien Gasparina
2021-03-28Upgrade to Confluent 6.1.1Damien Gasparina
2021-02-09Upgrade to Confluent 6.1.0Damien Gasparina
2020-12-02Upgrade to Confluent 6.0.1Damien
2020-10-02Upgrade to Confluent 6.0.0Damien
2020-09-25Upgrade to Confluent 6.0.0Damien
2020-04-23Upgraded to Confluent 5.5.0Damien
2020-03-11Upgraded to Confluent 5.4.1Damien
2020-01-15Upgraded to Confluent 5.4.0Damien
2020-01-06Upgraded to Confluent 5.3.2Damien
2019-09-13upgrading to Confluent 5.3.1Damien
2019-08-23migrating to scala 12 and Confluent Server instead of Confluent-KafkaDamien
2019-08-21changed Confluent CLI checksum to SKIP as only the latest version link is ava...Damien
2019-08-21added Confluent CLI (as it is not included by default nowaday in the package)Damien
2019-07-20upgrading to Confluent 5.3.0Damien
2019-04-03upgrading to Confluent 5.2.1Damien
2019-04-01upgrading to Confluent 5.2.0Damien
2019-02-14upgraded to Confluent 5.1.1Damien
2018-12-17updated to Confluent Platform 5.1Damien
2018-11-08fixing typos on schema-resgistry and upgrading to 5.0.1Damien
2018-10-31removing confluent.conf from /Damien
2018-08-07upgraded to confluent platform 5.0.0Damien
2018-05-21upgrade to confluent 4.1.1Damien
2018-05-21upgrade to confluent 4.1.1Damien
2018-05-14fixing typo for cp-schema-registry userDamien
2018-05-12add system.d user as dependencyDamien
2018-05-12ensure that /var/lib/ is used for control centerDamien
2018-05-12adding confluent platform version 4.1.0Damien