AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-26v1.11.3Bernhard Landauer
2018-12-04v1.11.0Bernhard Landauer
2017-06-01fix gcc7 buildBernhard Landauer
2017-05-23updateBernhard Landauer
2016-04-01Fixed the build (for the last time hopefully), Added WLAN to the build hooksMichael Pulliam
2016-03-30Fix Path issueMichael Pulliam
2016-03-30Fixed SEGFAULTMichael Pulliam
2016-03-30Fixed depends, notably tolua++Michael Pulliam
2016-03-26Updated to rel 3 - Fixed line wrappingMichael Pulliam
2016-03-26Updated to 1.10.1-2Michael Pulliam
2016-03-26Merged TidestManager1 pkgbuildmoonarch
2015-08-12Update to 1.9-2alexiobash
2015-08-12Initial importalexiobash