AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-05-02New versionJohn A Ginis
2019-02-23New versionJohn A Ginis
2019-01-09New versionJohn A Ginis
2018-12-17Nvidia support again... yes!John A Ginis
2018-12-11No nvidia support again... :(John A Ginis
2018-12-10Nvidia support again... yes!John A Ginis
2018-12-06No Nvidia support, yet?John A Ginis
2018-02-08New package commitJohn A Ginis
2018-01-27New package commitJohn A Ginis
2018-01-20New package commitJohn A Ginis
2017-06-05New package commitJohn A Ginis
2016-12-07provides=John A Ginis
2016-12-06Bump version for next release.John A Ginis
2016-10-04Conky v1.10.5John A Ginis
2016-08-24-man-db, +nvidiaJohn A Ginis
2016-08-09Includes patch to convert non-ascii chars to ascii.John A Ginis
2016-08-01BUILD_TYPE=MinSizeRelv2John A Ginis
2016-08-01BUILD_TYPE=MinSizeRelJohn A Ginis
2016-08-01First time trying...John A Ginis