AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
10 daysthis repo is no longer maintained.Philip Johansson
2021-05-27updated to add color to pencilmarksPhilip Johansson
2021-05-26updated to fix bug in counting valuesPhilip Johansson
2021-05-17updated help textPhilip Johansson
2021-05-17fixed some bugsPhilip Johansson
2021-05-17updated to add highlights and dimmingPhilip Johansson
2021-03-23added way to play opensudoku or sdm puzzlesPhilip Johansson
2021-03-18added helpPhilip Johansson
2021-01-20fixed bug to go to certain placePhilip Johansson
2021-01-10fixed bugPhilip Johansson
2021-01-01pthread needs to be linked to buildPhilip Johansson
2021-01-01fixed some bugsPhilip Johansson
2020-12-29updated to version 2, not much changed but code is refactored completelyPhilip Johansson
2020-12-05pressing g now shows that you are in go modePhilip Johansson
2020-12-01updated descriptionPhilip Johansson
2020-12-01changed to use cursesw instead of cursesPhilip Johansson
2020-11-30initial commit to AURPhilip Johansson