AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-04-17Add an initial readme.Chris Fordham
2018-04-17Add basic Makefile with clean target.Chris Fordham
2018-04-17- bump pkgverChris Fordham
2018-04-17Remove extra whitespace.Chris Fordham
2017-02-09Bump .SRCINFO.Chris Fordham
2017-02-09Bump version and remove prepare function (no longer needed).Chris Fordham
2016-12-30Install dependencies with a prepare function and improve build.Chris Fordham
2016-08-24Bump SRCINFO with from changes in previous commit.Chris Fordham
2016-08-24Bump pkgver; add .gitignore.Chris Fordham
2016-08-24Conflict with containerd package.Chris Fordham
2016-06-23Support i686.Chris Fordham
2016-06-10Initial version.Chris Fordham