AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-24Update upstream package URL to use the Fedora archive.n17ikh
2019-04-29Update to fc28 version of the package due to link rot.n17ikh
2018-03-11Switch to archived FC27 SRPM due to upstream deprecation of Coolkey.n17ikh
2017-09-28Version bump to match upstream.n17ikh
2017-03-17Include patch from upstream.n17ikh
2017-03-06Update package version to track upstream.n17ikh
2017-02-23Version bump to keep up with upstream.n17ikh
2016-11-21Remove make-time dependency on rpmextract.n17ikh
2016-04-06Version bump to 1.1.0_30 from upstream.n17ikh
2015-12-01Update file checksum and change to official fedora mirror.n17ikh
2015-08-01Forgot the SRCINFO file.n17ikh
2015-08-01Fedora version bump. Also parameterize the RPM name.n17ikh
2015-06-14Initial import from old AURn17ikh