AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
4 daysupdate to 1.9.21ixces
8 daysupdate to 1.9.20ixces
10 daysupdate to 1.9.19ixces
2023-11-11update to 1.9.17ixces
2023-11-06update to 1.9.16ixces
2023-10-24update to 1.9.15ixces
2023-10-21update to 1.9.14ixces
2023-10-21update to 1.9.13ixces
2023-10-16update to 1.9.12ixces
2023-10-09update to 1.9.11ixces
2023-10-09update to 1.9.10ixces
2023-10-08update to 1.9.9ixces
2023-10-01update to 1.9.7ixces
2023-09-23update to 1.9.6ixces
2023-09-14update to 1.9.5ixces
2023-09-04update to 1.9.4ixces
2023-08-21update to 1.9.1ixces
2023-07-25update to 1.8.8ixces
2023-07-23update to 1.8.7ixces
2023-07-21update to 1.8.6ixces
2023-07-20update to 1.8.4ixces
2023-07-14update to 1.8.2ixces
2023-07-08update to 1.8.1ixces
2023-07-03also update .SRCINFOixces
2023-07-03update to 1.8.0ixces
2023-06-11update to 1.7.6ixces
2023-05-16update to 1.7.2ixces
2023-05-02update PKGBUILD to build from release tarball insteadixces
2023-04-30also update .SRCINFOixces
2023-04-30update to v1.7.0ixces