AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-11-02upgpkg: corefreq-git 1.88.1.r2.g57548e5-1Leonidas Spyropoulos
2021-10-23upgpkg: corefreq-git 1.87.4.r20.g246c509-1Leonidas Spyropoulos
2021-06-25Add makeflag for TransparencyLeonidas Spyropoulos
2021-06-14upgpkg: corefreq-git 1.86.3.r0.g99cfa91-1Leonidas Spyropoulos
2021-05-16upgpkg: corefreq-git 1.83.r70.geee893b-1Leonidas Spyropoulos
2021-05-02upgpkg: corefreq-git 1.83.r51.g8204ff9-2Leonidas Spyropoulos
2021-04-07Split package to client server kernel module packageLeonidas Spyropoulos
2021-02-28CoreFreq version 1.84CyrIng
2021-01-01CoreFreq version 1.83CyrIng
2020-12-27CoreFreq version 1.82CyrIng
2020-09-30CoreFreq version 1.81CyrIng
2020-08-18Removed 'Contributor'CyrIng
2020-08-18CoreFreq version 1.80CyrIng
2020-06-27Hyper-V and WSL CoreFreq editionCyrIng
2020-06-09CoreFreq version 1.78CyrIng
2020-05-28CoreFreq version 1.77CyrIng
2020-04-24CoreFreq version 1.76CyrIng
2020-04-05CoreFreq version 1.75CyrIng
2020-03-16Version 1.74CyrIng
2020-01-19[Intel][Haswell] Decodes the IMC of U/Y and M/H processorsCyrIng
2020-01-10Fixed the version 1.72 in the DKMS package.CyrIng
2020-01-05Computes the Min and Max CPU voltage.CyrIng
2020-01-01Version 1.71: [Nehalem & Westmere] Voltage Core from Winbond W83627CyrIng
2019-12-05Up to version 1.70: Hygon's Dhyana processors // AMD Threadripper 3960X & 397...CyrIng
2019-11-16Intel Mitigation Mechanisms: TSX Asynchronous Abort (TAA_NO) & Page Size Chan...CyrIng
2019-11-01Version 1.68CyrIng
2019-10-22Energy and Power monitoring completed with Temperature. Specifics data added ...CyrIng
2019-09-21Fix the OSPM Target and Uncore ratios. Signals handling. Misc optimizations.CyrIng
2019-09-01Now set APERF/MPERF as the default counters // Micro-benchmarks.CyrIng
2019-08-29Clock modulation & Energy policy tested OK with Haswell-DT. HWP fixed.CyrIng
2019-08-24256 SMT-Cores Scaling.CyrIng
2019-08-15Misc enhancements.CyrIng
2019-07-30Embed & check the CoreFreq version footprint into the shared memories.CyrIng
2019-07-28[AMD] Introducing the Core Complex ID.CyrIng
2019-07-18Support of Xeon SNB-EP IVB-EP and Zen2 Matisse // Misc UI improvements // RAP...CyrIng
2019-06-23Temperature in Fahrenheit // Intel[SNB/EP][IVB/EP] startup fix // AMD[Zen] Co...CyrIng
2019-06-15Improved the Idle sub-driver and the sub C-States enumeration regarding MWAITCyrIng
2019-05-31Press [Ctrl]+[p] to dump an ASCII screenshot in current directory.CyrIng
2019-05-26Ability to cap the Core c-state limit in the Idle sub-driver.CyrIng
2019-05-05Fix ThreadRipper temperature. Fix Clock Selector. Updates after suspend to RAMCyrIng
2019-04-28Skylake: Hardware-Controlled Performance for HWP Processors.CyrIng
2019-04-22Performance Target Ratio.CyrIng
2019-04-14Version 1.46CyrIng
2019-04-07Auto cells refresh in the windows Processor, Overclocking, KernelCyrIng
2019-03-26Memory Controller for Whiskey Lake, Coffee Lake Refresh, KBL-DT, SKL-DTCyrIng
2019-03-09For Intel architectures: Select the Energy PolicyCyrIng
2019-02-10Tools: count the CPUs calculus errors.CyrIng
2019-02-09Stress the Turbo frequency of a chosen CPU.CyrIng
2018-12-15Enlarged the Top UI to 240 characters.CyrIng