AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-04-19Merge pull request #10 from cloudcalvin/masterMartynas Mickevičius
2019-04-19Update version to 1.1.0_M14CloudCalvin
2019-01-17Merge pull request #9 from 2m/wip-gitlab-badge-2mMartynas Mickevičius
2019-01-17Update gitlab badgeMartynas Mickevičius
2019-01-17Give unique name to the builder executableMartynas Mickevičius
2019-01-17Update SRCINFOMartynas Mickevičius
2019-01-17Upgrade to coursier 1.1.0-M10Martynas Mickevičius
2019-01-17Move to Gitlab CIMartynas Mickevičius
2018-11-30Update srcinfoMartynas Mickevičius
2018-11-30Merge pull request #5 from clouds56/patch-1Martynas Mickevičius
2018-11-29Use standalone version of coursierClouds
2018-08-21Update SRCINFOMartynas Mickevičius
2018-08-21M7Martynas Mickevičius
2018-05-24Merge pull request #3 from 2m/wip-latest-2mMartynas Mickevičius
2018-05-24Update to 1.1.0-M4Martynas Mickevičius
2018-04-13Merge pull request #2 from 2m/wip-headless-java-2mMartynas Mickevičius
2018-04-13Depend only on headless javaMartynas Mickevičius
2018-03-03Fall back to v1.0.1 while v1.0.2 is brokenMartynas Mickevičius
2018-03-03Update SRCINFOMartynas Mickevičius
2018-03-03Update to the 1.0.2Martynas Mickevičius
2018-03-03Update to the latest arch-travisMartynas Mickevičius
2018-01-03Merge pull request #1 from 2m/wip-travis-2mMartynas Mickevičius
2018-01-03Do not check dependencies when building in TravisMartynas Mickevičius
2018-01-02Add Travis badge to the READMEMartynas Mickevičius
2018-01-02Fix SRCINFO generation command in the READMEMartynas Mickevičius
2018-01-02And hence the coursier has arrived to the ArchLinux communityMartynas Mickevičius