AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-01-22bump pkgrel again, this time because I didn't test the package before pushing...Eric Engestrom
2020-01-22bump pkgrel for silent (ffs...) new release of the x85_64 version of cov-anal...Eric Engestrom
2020-01-22drop pointless {} from varsEric Engestrom
2020-01-22don't strip the binaries, it takes a very long time and saves less than 1% of...Eric Engestrom
2020-01-22don't prevent makepkg from extracting the sourceEric Engestrom
2020-01-22add noextract to .SRCINFOEric Engestrom
2020-01-22reset package files owner to `root` instead of the user that tar'ed up the ar...Eric Engestrom
2019-06-26fix $PATHEric Engestrom
2019-06-26use BSD tar instead of GNU tarEric Engestrom
2019-06-26update to 2019.03Eric Engestrom
2017-06-27update to 2017.07-1Eric Engestrom
2017-04-14upstream package was modified without a version bump...Eric Engestrom
2016-12-18update to v8.7.0Eric Engestrom
2016-10-29update to v8.5.0.5Eric Engestrom
2016-07-28update to v8.5.0.1Eric Engestrom
2016-07-14bump pkgrel following last commitEric Engestrom
2016-07-14fix: upstream added a `./` at the beginning of the pathEric Engestrom
2016-07-14update to v8.5.0Eric Engestrom
2016-05-02initial commit - v7.7.0.4Eric Engestrom