AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-09-23Install LICENSEJonathon Fernyhough
2020-09-23Package 0.2.2 using coz-git as baseJonathon Fernyhough
2019-10-19Rebuild package and update .SRCINFOTobias Hunger
2019-09-26Update to new coz from gitTobias Hunger
2015-10-10Fix install following plasma-umass/coz@11e868ee3ce8e76d811ca7f97f82dfc00e79af98Jon Gjengset
2015-10-07Project changed to BSD licenseJon Gjengset
2015-10-07Remove python2 patch; fixed upstreamJon Gjengset
2015-10-06Correctly fix LD_PRELOADJon Gjengset
2015-10-06tput patch has been mergedJon Gjengset
2015-10-06Add patches needed to get coz running on Arch.Jon Gjengset
2015-10-06Basic PKGBUILDJon Gjengset