AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-02-08Fixed build without Plumeda.kudelin
2020-02-08Updated .SRCINFOa.kudelin
2020-02-08Updated to the current major release 7.1.0, added ELPA supporta.kudelin
2019-12-03Added LIBXSMM and SPGLIB supporta.kudelin
2019-05-27Fixed python, replaced custom envs to the prepare sectionAnton
2019-05-24Purged excessive dependenciesa.kudelin
2019-04-29Fixed an erroneous stringa.kudelin
2019-04-29Fixed sha256sumsDrobot Viktor
2019-04-29Added MPI support and regtestinga.kudelin
2019-04-28added libxc and libint support, several fixes and prettifiesAnton
2019-04-22First releaseDrobot Viktor