AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
44 hoursAdd OpenCL dependenciesXorg
2021-02-13Bump version to 4.1.0.r56.g4c03be0Xorg
2021-02-13Add glfw as dependencyXorg
2020-05-30Modify PKGBUILD to adhere Arch package guidelinesXorg
2020-05-17Update cpu-x to version 4.0.0Xorg
2020-05-09Disable libjson-c supportXorg
2020-05-09Exclude continuous tagXorg
2020-03-11Disable libcurl support (pkgrel=2)Xorg
2019-02-19Set LIBEXECDIRXorg
2019-01-13Add json-c as dependencyXorg
2018-12-02cpu-x-git: Change libcpuid-git to libcpuid in the dependenciesXorg
2016-09-24Update cpu-x to version 3.1.0Xorg
2016-06-15Update cpu-x-git to version 3.0.0Xorg
2016-05-08Remove .install file (Pacman hooks do that)Xorg
2016-04-12Update cpu-x-git to version 2.92.0Xorg
2016-03-08Update icon cache, fix pkgverXorg
2015-12-30Add https in sourceXorg
2015-12-22Update cpu-x-git to version 2.91.0Xorg
2015-11-27Add debug optionXorg
2015-11-27Add cpu-x package in conflictXorg
2015-11-27Initial commit for cpu-x-gitXorg