AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-04-285.0.4-1: upstream updateThe Tumultuous Unicorn Of Darkness
2024-01-065.0.3-1: upstream updateThe Tumultuous Unicorn Of Darkness
2023-11-135.0.2-1: upstream updateMarcell Meszaros
2023-10-255.0.1-1: upstream updateMarcell Meszaros
2023-10-175.0.0-1: upstream updateMarcell Meszaros
2023-07-264.5.3-2.6 specify all build options; run configure in prepare(), not build()Marcell Meszaros
2023-07-264.5.3-2.5 add mandatory depends as per namcap & objdump analysisMarcell Meszaros
2023-07-264.5.3-2.4 reformat PKGBUILDMarcell Meszaros
2023-07-264.5.3-2.3 refactor PKGBUILD to use variables instead of hardcoded valuesMarcell Meszaros
2023-07-264.5.3-2.2 require opencl-headers>=2:2023.02.06 for pkg-config compatibilityMarcell Meszaros
2023-07-264.5.3-2.1 fork from AUR/cpu-x; re-enable OpenCL supportMarcell Meszaros
2023-07-26Require procps-ng>=4.0.0The Tumultuous Unicorn Of Darkness
2023-04-02Update cpu-x to version 4.5.3The Tumultuous Unicorn Of Darkness
2022-11-12Update cpu-x to version 4.5.2The Tumultuous Unicorn Of Darkness
2022-10-29Update upstream sourceThe Tumultuous Unicorn Of Darkness
2022-10-29Update maintainer and URLThe Tumultuous Unicorn Of Darkness
2022-10-23Update cpu-x to version 4.5.1Xorg
2022-10-09Add check() functionXorg
2022-10-09Update cpu-x to version 4.5.0Xorg
2022-10-03Force rebuildXorg
2022-08-28Update cpu-x to version 4.4.0Xorg
2022-05-08Update cpu-x to version 4.3.1Xorg
2022-03-14Avoid to use /usr/libexecXorg
2022-03-06Revert "Replace opencl-icd-loader by ocl-icd"Xorg
2022-03-05Replace opencl-icd-loader by ocl-icdXorg
2022-02-18Update cpu-x to version 4.3.0Xorg
2021-03-28Update cpu-x to version 4.2.0Xorg
2021-01-10Update cpu-x to version 4.1.0Xorg
2020-06-13Update cpu-x to version 4.0.1Xorg
2020-05-30Modify PKGBUILD to adhere Arch package guidelinesXorg
2020-05-17Update cpu-x to version 4.0.0Xorg
2020-03-11Disable libcurl support (pkgrel=2)Xorg
2019-01-13Update cpu-x to version 3.2.4Xorg
2018-12-02Change libcpuid-git to libcpuid in the dependenciesXorg
2018-09-12Revert commit 25da27749d4e17415e8032d30b4c26385c09185c.Xorg
2018-09-12upgpkg: cpu-x 3.2.3-1Xorg
2018-07-01Update cpu-x to version 3.2.3Xorg
2018-05-03Update cpu-x to version 3.2.2Xorg
2018-03-24Replace md5sums by sha512sumsXorg
2018-03-24Update cpu-x to version 3.2.1Xorg
2018-01-31Update cpu-x to version 3.2.0Xorg
2016-10-25Update cpu-x to version 3.1.3Xorg
2016-10-23Update cpu-x to version 3.1.2Xorg
2016-10-16Update cpu-x to version 3.1.1Xorg
2016-09-24Update cpu-x to version 3.1.0Xorg
2016-08-23Update cpu-x to version 3.0.1Xorg
2016-06-15Update URLXorg
2016-06-15Update cpu-x to version 3.0.0Xorg
2015-12-02Update cpu-x to version 2.2.2Xorg
2015-11-27Update cpu-x to version 2.2.1Xorg