AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-08-03bump SRCINFOVic Luo
2018-08-03add git as makedependVic Luo
2018-08-03bump .SRCINFOVic Luo
2018-08-03update to cmake build systemLitao Lu
2018-03-02Remove -Werror sedFangrui Song
2018-02-02--variant=customFangrui Song
2018-02-02.Fangrui Song
2018-02-02Deprecate --use-system-clang and use explicit --llvm-configFangrui Song
2018-01-25Update urlFangrui Song
2018-01-16Remove --recursiveFangrui Song
2017-12-15Use system clangFangrui Song
2017-12-08Bump srcinfoVic Luo
2017-12-08Fix test pathVic Luo
2017-12-08Fix pkgverVic Luo
2017-12-08Fix rpathVic Luo
2017-11-26add clang_resource_dir in packageVic Luo
2017-11-19Change dependency: ncurses5-compat-libs to libtinfo5Vic Luo
2017-11-19add ncurses5-compat-libs as dependencyVic Luo
2017-11-18Fix lib dir path before check()Vic Luo
2017-11-18Install binary and bundled clang libs into /optVic Luo
2017-11-18Initial commitVic Luo