AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-11-28checkupdate: script for checking for upstream releasesAchilleas Koutsou
2022-11-22Update to 10.4.1Achilleas Koutsou
2022-11-22Update to 10.4.1Achilleas Koutsou
2022-11-13Update source URLAchilleas Koutsou
2022-10-25Update to v10.4.0Achilleas Koutsou
2022-10-02Info: Update Upstream URLAchilleas Koutsou
2022-10-02Update to 10.2.1Achilleas Koutsou
2022-10-02PKGBUILD: add maintainer lineAchilleas Koutsou
2022-10-02PKGBUILD: trim trailing whitespaceAchilleas Koutsou
2022-07-20upissue to 10.2.0Geoff Hudson
2022-05-18Updated to 10.0.0Geoff Hudson
2022-03-28Upgrade to 8.8.4Geoff Hudson
2022-03-01Upgrade to 8.8.3, the auto upgrade still isn't quite rightGeoff Hudson
2022-01-28Added slf4j as a dependencyGeoff Hudson
2022-01-20Updated to newest version, and tried found isn't +x by defaultGeoff Hudson
2021-12-27Update to include, to detect auto updatesGeoff Hudson
2021-12-27Added CHATTR, while looking into better solutionGeoff Hudson
2021-12-16Update to 8.8.1Geoff Hudson
2021-09-11Update to 8.7.1Geoff Hudson
2021-08-12update to 8.7.0Geoff Hudson
2021-06-06update to 6.8.1Geoff Hudson
2021-03-18updated to 8.6.0 and removed old install fixesGeoff Hudson
2020-10-20Update to 8.5.0Geoff Hudson
2020-08-07Fixed bad link back to build dir-2Geoff Hudson
2020-08-07Fixed bad link back to build dirGeoff Hudson
2020-08-07Update to 8.2.2, also changed to sha1 sums to match websiteGeoff Hudson
2020-07-19fixed softlink error and srcingoGeoff Hudson
2020-07-19fixed softlink errorGeoff Hudson
2020-07-19Upissue to 8.2.0, name change is required at some pointGeoff Hudson
2020-05-08v8.0.0 including the .SRCINFOGeoff Hudson
2020-05-08v8.0.0Geoff Hudson
2020-02-23updated for new version upstream, build requires debug symbols to functionGeoff Hudson
2019-12-02v7.4.0Aaron Miller
2019-09-19v7.2.0Aaron Miller
2019-07-12v7.0.0 build 585Aaron Miller
2019-06-25v7.0.0Aaron Miller
2019-04-22v6.9.4Aaron Miller
2019-02-25v6.9.2Aaron Miller
2018-12-21v6.9.0 build 827Aaron Miller
2018-12-07v6.9.0Aaron Miller
2018-09-20v6.8.3Aaron Miller
2018-08-27Update dependency gtk2 => gtk3Aaron Miller
2018-08-23v6.8.2Aaron Miller
2018-05-15v6.7.2Aaron Miller
2018-03-27v6.7.1Aaron Miller
2018-02-03v6.7.0Aaron Miller
2017-12-22update download linkAaron Miller
2017-12-06libxss dependencyAaron Miller
2017-12-06CrashPlanEngine should not source run.conf, system daemon scripts handle thisAaron Miller
2017-12-06override to prevent daemon from restarting itself ad infinitu...Aaron Miller