AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-12-223.3.0Jean Lucas
2019-11-263.2.0Jean Lucas
2019-08-14Install license, 3.1.1Jean Lucas
2019-06-243.0.1Jean Lucas
2019-04-27Version bump to 3.0.0, download packageJean Lucas
2019-03-31Version bump to 2.1.8, remove non-existent conflictsJean Lucas
2019-02-15Version bump to 2.1.5Jean Lucas
2019-01-08Version bump to 2.1.3Jean Lucas
2018-11-17Version bump to 2.1.1Jean Lucas
2018-06-25Fix erroneous source addressJean Lucas
2018-05-15Download npm package locally to be able to do checksumsJean Lucas
2018-04-25Version bump, fix permissionsJean Lucas
2017-11-19- Add .SRCINFOMustafa Gonul