AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-02-02PKGBUILD: upgrade to 1.4.2Greg Minshall
2023-01-09PKGBUILD: bug fix release 1.4.1Greg Minshall
2023-01-09PKGBUILD: version 1.4.0Greg Minshall
2023-01-09PKGBUILD: add `check` functionGreg Minshall
2023-01-08PKGBUILD: upgrade to 1.3.2Greg Minshall
2023-01-08.SRCINFO: changes from the time of genesisGreg Minshall
2023-01-04PKGBUILD: upgrade to 1.3.1Greg Minshall
2023-01-03PKGBUILD: upgrade to credeface 1.2.10Greg Minshall
2023-01-03copy template from ../orgtbl-query; customizeGreg Minshall