AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-02-10Update to 5.11.1Mike Swanson
2022-02-09Update to 5.11Mike Swanson
2021-08-17Update to 5.10.3Mike Swanson
2021-08-10Update to 5.10.2Mike Swanson
2021-03-24Update to 5.10.1Mike Swanson
2021-01-12Update to 5.10.0Mike Swanson
2021-01-08Include widescreen asset supportMike Swanson
2020-09-22Include patch to not crash when combining -record -pistolstartMike Swanson
2020-09-22Update to 5.9.2Mike Swanson
2020-09-04Update to 5.9.1Mike Swanson
2020-08-26Backport a fix for SIGIL's default file nameMike Swanson
2020-08-25Update to 5.9.0Mike Swanson
2020-05-16Include the same cherry-picked patches Fabian used for DebianMike Swanson
2020-04-19Remove heretic.cfg.5 to avoid chocolate-doom conflictMike Swanson
2020-04-19Update to 5.8.0Mike Swanson
2020-03-16Update to 5.7.2Mike Swanson
2020-02-24Update to 5.7Mike Swanson
2020-01-14Update to 5.6.4Mike Swanson
2019-10-09Update to 5.6.3Mike Swanson
2019-09-12Update to 5.6.2Mike Swanson
2019-08-23Update to 5.6.1Mike Swanson
2019-08-02Update to 5.6Mike Swanson
2019-04-03Update to 5.5.2Mike Swanson
2019-03-16Update to 5.5.1Mike Swanson
2019-03-01Update to 5.5Mike Swanson
2018-12-19Update to 5.4Mike Swanson
2018-08-13Update to the re-released 5.3 tagMike Swanson
2018-08-13Update to 5.3Mike Swanson
2018-06-20Update to 5.2Mike Swanson
2018-06-16Add patch to generate valid bash completion fileMike Swanson
2018-01-13Update to 5.1Mike Swanson
2017-11-06Update to 5.0Mike Swanson
2017-09-20Update to 4.3Mike Swanson
2017-06-17Update to 4.1Mike Swanson
2017-03-12Update to 4.0Mike Swanson
2017-03-02Remove bash-completion: doesn't work, see upstream #158.Mike Swanson
2017-01-19Dumb bug introduced in previous 'fix'Mike Swanson
2017-01-19Fix building in the C locale.Mike Swanson
2016-12-27Update to 3.5Mike Swanson
2016-06-14Couple new patchesMike Swanson
2016-06-11Update SRCINFOMike Swanson
2016-06-11Update to 3.4Mike Swanson
2016-03-11Update to 3.3Mike Swanson
2015-11-04Update to 3.2Mike Swanson
2015-11-03Update to 3.1Mike Swanson
2015-07-30Remove autoconf from makedepends: base-devel packages are impliedMike Swanson
2015-07-14Update to 3.0Mike Swanson
2015-03-04Update crispy-doom to 2.3Mike Swanson
2015-01-02Update crispy-doom to 2.2Mike Swanson
2014-11-12Update crispy-doom to 2.1Mike Swanson