AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
5 daysAdded missing xorg-xdpyinfo dependencyAliaksandr Stelmachonak
2019-09-29Configure Control+Space passthrough for SommelierAliaksandr Stelmachonak
2019-09-22Updated to last versionAliaksandr Stelmachonak
2019-09-12PKGBUILD cleanupAliaksandr Stelmachonak
2019-09-12Added LIBGL_DRIVERS_PATH env variable for sommelier and sommelier-x - require...Aliaksandr Stelmachonak
2019-08-28Updated to Updated to latest version; Implemented Stelmachonak
2019-08-14Updated to latest versionAliaksandr Stelmachonak
2019-06-08- Replaced xxd-standalone with xxd in depends section - should resolve depend...Aliaksandr Stelmachonak
2019-02-25Updated to latest versionAliaksandr Stelmachonak
2019-02-12Updated to latest versionAliaksandr Stelmachonak
2018-11-17Updated to latest versionAliaksandr Stelmachonak
2018-10-31Version bumpAliaksandr Stelmachonak
2018-10-19Version bumpAliaksandr Stelmachonak
2018-10-05Version bumpAliaksandr Stelmachonak
2018-09-26Version bumpAliaksandr Stelmachonak
2018-09-01Updated to latest version, fixes and workarounds for the new issuesAliaksandr Stelmachonak
2018-07-13Version bumpAliaksandr Stelmachonak
2018-06-23Dependencies updated, minor changes all over the placesAliaksandr Stelmachonak
2018-06-23Updated to latest version. Remove workaround for dri (not needed anymore)Aliaksandr Stelmachonak
2018-06-04Fixed cros-sftp service typeava1ar
2018-06-03pkgver version bumpava1ar
2018-06-03Fix control sumava1ar
2018-06-03Fix control sumava1ar
2018-06-03cros-sftp now starts only after network is upava1ar
2018-06-03cros-garcon now starts only after network is upava1ar
2018-06-03Add fix for C.UTF-8 locale set by terminaava1ar
2018-06-03Add condition on /dev/.host_ip existance for cros-garcon systemd serviceava1ar
2018-06-01Autostarting all required services by defaultava1ar
2018-05-31Updated to latestava1ar
2018-05-27Improve styling and scaling for Qt appsava1ar
2018-05-22Initial commitava1ar