AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-11-08updated to 12.2.0Filippo Falezza
2022-11-08edited Compile flags to remove error on format security warningFilippo Falezza
2022-05-14fixed typoFilippo Falezza
2022-05-14added maintainer infoFilippo Falezza
2022-05-14updated to 12.1Filippo Falezza
2020-05-10Bump to v10.1.0Harry Chen
2019-12-25Bump to v9.2.0Harry Chen
2019-07-25Bump to gcc 9.1.0Harry Chen
2019-03-31Bump to gcc 8.3.0Harry Chen
2018-08-09Upgrade gcc to 8.2.0 and remove redundant dependenciesHarry Chen
2018-07-27Update .SRCINFO for gcc 8.1.0Harry Chen
2018-07-27Update gcc to 8.1.0Harry Chen
2015-11-24Update to 4.9.3kyak
2015-08-11Initial importkyak