AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-02-03Add patch for Linux 6.7 support.Joan Bruguera Micó
2023-07-09Add patches for Linux 6.5 support.Joan Bruguera Micó
2023-03-18Update to 1.13.Joan Bruguera
2023-03-18Separate DKMS from prebuilt module packages.Joan Bruguera
2021-02-09Update to 1.12.Joan Bruguera
2020-08-16cryptodev-linux-comp-git: Add tentative fix for Linux 5.9.Joan Bruguera
2020-07-28Update to 1.11.Joan Bruguera
2020-06-15Fix build for Linux 5.8-rc1Joan Bruguera
2020-05-30And remove extra newline introduced by last commitJoan Bruguera
2020-05-30And bump pkgrel due to the last commitJoan Bruguera
2020-05-30Improve package description - missing lineJoan Bruguera
2020-05-30Improve package descriptionJoan Bruguera
2020-05-29Fix build when building a kernel different from the 'linux' packageJoan Bruguera
2020-05-29Simplify code for DKMS package.Joan Bruguera
2020-05-29Add DKMS build (optional, split package)Joan Bruguera
2020-05-29Adopt package, upgrade to 1.10, fix (rua) shellcheck warnings.Joan Bruguera
2016-03-01Call depmod after installation/upgrade/removalRobin McCorkell
2016-03-01Add openssl-cryptodev to optdependsRobin McCorkell
2016-03-01Add cryptodev_friendly to providesRobin McCorkell
2016-03-01Initial commit, version 1.8Robin McCorkell