AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-08-02Update to version 0.2.2Simon Brand
2023-07-10Update to version 0.2.1Simon Brand
2023-07-09Update to version 0.2.0Simon Brand
2023-03-24Add protobuf build dependencySimon Brand
2023-03-15Update to version 0.1.6Simon Brand
2023-01-08Backup font configuration and use sha512 and b2 sumsSimon Brand
2023-01-07Update to version 0.1.5, fix font permissionSimon Brand
2023-01-07Update to version 0.1.4, add missing filesSimon Brand
2023-01-06Update to version 0.1.3Simon Brand
2023-01-06Set arch to x86_64Simon Brand
2023-01-06Initial commitSimon Brand