AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-02-11Update to Version 4.0.1JakobDev
2024-02-02Update to Version 4.0.0JakobDev
2024-01-02Update to version 3.4.2JakobDev
2023-12-28Update to Version 3.4.1JakobDev
2023-05-25Update to Version 3.3.0JakobDev
2023-02-18Update to Version 3.2.1JakobDev
2023-02-12Update to Version 3.1.1JakobDev
2023-02-05Update to Version 3.1.0JakobDev
2023-01-29Update to Version 3.0.1JakobDev
2023-01-21Update to Version 3.0.0JakobDev
2022-11-14Update to version 6.1JakobDev
2022-10-03Update to version 2.5.1JakobDev
2022-10-02Update to version 2.5.0JakobDev
2022-09-11Update to version 2.4.0JakobDev
2022-08-21Update to Version 2.3.3JakobDev
2022-08-08Update to Version 2.3.1JakobDev
2022-08-07Update to Version 2.3.0JakobDev
2022-06-04Update to Version 2.2.2JakobDev
2022-06-01Add qt5-tools to makedependsJakobDev
2022-05-25Update to Version 2.2.1JakobDev
2022-05-24Update to Version 2.2.0JakobDev
2022-04-14Update to version 2.1.1JakobDev
2022-03-04Fix Icon pathJakobDev
2022-03-04Update to version 2.0.0JakobDev
2021-12-11Update to Version 1.12.1JakobDev
2021-12-08Update to Version 1.12.0JakobDev
2021-12-04Update to Version 1.11.2JakobDev
2021-11-30Update to Version 1.11.1JakobDev
2021-11-28Update to Version 1.11.0JakobDev
2021-11-20Update to Version 1.10.0JakobDev
2021-07-24Update to Version 1.9.1JakobDev
2021-07-09Update to Version 1.8.0JakobDev
2021-06-10Update to Version 1.7.2JakobDev
2021-06-09Update to Version 1.7.1JakobDev
2021-06-09Update to Version 1.7.0JakobDev
2021-06-04Update to Version 1.6.0JakobDev
2021-05-03Add IconJakobDev
2021-05-01Create cubiomes-viewer packageJakobDev