AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-04-08added a new version 5.3.0Bartosz Bartczak
2022-09-01import from communityJelle van der Waa
2017-02-25bump pkgrelGrey Christoforo
2017-02-25fix new depend nameGrey Christoforo
2017-02-25use pyqt5-hotfixGrey Christoforo
2017-02-23version bumpGrey Christoforo
2016-12-03add binary-dataGrey Christoforo
2016-11-14version bumpGrey Christoforo
2016-10-30bump releaseGrey Christoforo
2016-10-30add scipy depGrey Christoforo
2016-10-21bump to version 2.3.0Grey Christoforo
2016-08-08version bump to 2.1.3Grey Christoforo
2016-05-24version bumpGrey Christoforo
2016-03-27 add cmake to depsGrey Christoforo
2015-10-31add .desktop fileGrey Christoforo
2015-08-24rename executable, the package should be working nowGrey Christoforo
2015-08-24attempt to build from scratch (not working yet)Grey Christoforo:wq
2015-08-06updating to build from source...Grey Christoforo
2015-08-06commit testGrey Christoforo
2015-07-13Update to 15.06.01Piotr Balwierz
2015-07-06Update to 15.06.01Piotr Balwierz
2015-07-06Update to 15.06.01Piotr Balwierz
2015-07-06Initial importPiotr Balwierz