AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-03-19Add missing qt5-svg dependencyAdam Goldsmith
2020-03-19Add optdepend python-libcharon for UFPWriter/UFPReader pluginAdam Goldsmith
2020-03-01Bump version to 4.5.xAdam Goldsmith
2020-01-01Add python-trimesh optdependAdam Goldsmith
2020-01-01Add python-sentry_sdk dependencyAdam Goldsmith
2019-12-04Bump to 4.4.0.x, add python-requests and python-certifi depsAdam Goldsmith
2019-11-13Strip 'v' prefix from git tags for pkgverAdam Goldsmith
2019-03-27Bump version to 4.0.0.xAdam Goldsmith
2018-10-18Bump to 3.5.1Adam Goldsmith
2018-09-13Add libsavitar dependencyAdam Goldsmith
2018-05-02Add qt5-quickcontrols2 dependAdam Goldsmith
2018-02-13Bump version to Goldsmith
2017-11-08Bump version 2.7.x->3.0.xAdam Goldsmith
2017-09-21Remove now unneeded patchAdam Goldsmith
2017-09-05Bump versionAdam Goldsmith
2017-09-05Fix indentationAdam Goldsmith
2017-01-29Add cura-fdm-materials-git optdependAdam Goldsmith
2017-01-29Fix URL and some whitespace issuesAdam Goldsmith
2017-01-24Move python-pyserial to optdepends, add two new optdependsAdam Goldsmith
2016-12-04Replace python-protobuf3 depend with python-protobufAdam Goldsmith
2016-08-07Update patchAdam Goldsmith
2016-06-06Bump version to match new numbering schemeAdam Goldsmith
2016-03-17Update PKGBUILD and patch for changes to CmakeLists.txtAdam Goldsmith
2016-02-15Update site-packages-dir.patch for new CmakeLists.txtAdam Goldsmith
2015-12-11Change arch to "any"Adam Goldsmith
2015-12-11Fix broken symlinkAdam Goldsmith
2015-11-20Update PKGBUILD and patch for new CmakeListsAdam Goldsmith
2015-10-16Install .desktop fileAdam Goldsmith
2015-10-16Switch to multiple packages, fix install dirAdam Goldsmith
2015-08-23remove seemingly unneeded dependenciesAdam Goldsmith
2015-08-23remove Cura-CMakeLists.patch from source listAdam Goldsmith
2015-08-23move CuraEngine back to master branchAdam Goldsmith
2015-08-23fix placement of python packagesAdam Goldsmith
2015-08-23replace CMakeLists patch with better fixAdam Goldsmith
2015-06-24add .gitignoreAdam Goldsmith
2015-06-24switch to master branch on all but CuraEngine, add patch for relative path in...Adam Goldsmith
2015-06-08migrating to AUR4Adam Goldsmith