AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-03-01Bump version to r7396.3aa04cf8Adam Goldsmith
2019-09-02Bump version to r7176.5d851cae, remove patchAdam Goldsmith
2019-07-17Bump version to r7123.cd3fa741, apply patch for GCC9 from FedoraAdam Goldsmith
2019-03-27Bump version to r6862.c7190f71Adam Goldsmith
2018-02-13Bump version to r5251.690c7baaAdam Goldsmith
2017-11-08Bump versionAdam Goldsmith
2017-09-11Bump pkgverAdam Goldsmith
2017-08-18Switch to using raw number of revisions for versioningAdam Goldsmith
2016-06-06Bump version to match new numbering schemeAdam Goldsmith
2015-10-16Add provides and conflictsAdam Goldsmith
2015-10-16Convert to git versionAdam Goldsmith
2015-08-24add arcus depGrey Christoforo
2015-08-23change to release