AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-05-051.4.1Ryan McGuire
2016-05-051.4.0Ryan McGuire
2016-04-27Updates description to reflect the one in githubRyan McGuire
2016-04-271.3.1Ryan McGuire
2016-04-251.3.0Ryan McGuire
2016-04-051.2.0Ryan McGuire
2016-04-011.1.2Ryan McGuire
2016-03-311.1.1Ryan McGuire
2016-03-31Fix dependsRyan McGuire
2016-03-31adds python-tornado dependencyRyan McGuire
2016-03-311.1.0Ryan McGuire
2016-03-271.0.17 docs and move back to pypi linksRyan McGuire
2016-03-26Adds gnupg as optdependsRyan McGuire
2016-03-26Switching to github as canonical download. PyPI is not currently functioningRyan McGuire
2016-03-25Adds openssh as optdepends for tunneling supportRyan McGuire
2016-03-25Update pkgdescRyan McGuire
2016-03-251.0.12Ryan McGuire
2016-03-251.0.11Ryan McGuire
2016-03-251.0.10Ryan McGuire
2016-03-251.0.9Ryan McGuire
2016-03-25Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh:// McGuire
2016-03-251.0.8Ryan McGuire
2016-03-251.0.8Ryan McGuire
2016-03-24curlbomb 1.0.6Ryan McGuire