AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
13 daysAdd aarch64Viktor Drobot
2020-07-06Fix include bugViktor Drobot
2019-04-06Added appiconDrobot Viktor
2019-04-06Bump to 0.51.0Drobot Viktor
2018-08-26Update to v0.50.0 and update URL, as cutecom moved from github to gitlab.Nils Bars
2018-07-04Bump versionNils Bars
2018-07-04Make name of downloaded source unique by prepending name and version.Nils Bars
2018-06-17Update to 0.45.0Nils Bars
2017-01-30Update to v0.40.0Nils B
2016-12-05Update to 0.30.4Nils B
2016-05-19Update maintainer email addressNils B
2015-08-10Initial import to AUR4Nils B